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Aug 2016

I’m now a NetGalley reviewer!

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Trust Me by Malorie Blackman

B is for BLACKMAN! (as part of the a-z book challenge).   WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THIS BOOK? I mean, how the hell did this thing get published? Then again, it was published in the 90s, so I guess... Continue Reading →

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

  Boring from start to finish. Every character in this novel, male or female, was worthy of a punch. The females were a horrid bunch. Admittedly, the guys were off-their-head but if I had to deal with any of those... Continue Reading →

Hello World; New Beginnings!

Hi guys, This is my first time setting up a blog (I'm discounting the one I had to do for school), but I'm kind of - ok, that's an understatement - a lorra lorra excited (as Cilla would say). This... Continue Reading →

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