Hi guys,

This is my first time setting up a blog (I’m discounting the one I had to do for school), but I’m kind of – ok, that’s an understatement – a lorra lorra excited (as Cilla would say).

This may just be a half-baked scheme of mine, but surprisingly I thought writing book reviews wouldn’t really be my cup of tea and look how wrong that turned out to be.

Anyway, I decided to create my own book blog because I was sick of seeing “hot” books and misleading reviews by people who get free copies of books. You know, those types who say right at the top of their reviews:

“Thank you to the publishers… blah blah.”

So obviously a way of continuing to get free books by writing impossibly shallow reviews lavishing the said writer with undeserved praise. As a book buyer, I get peeved off when I see these reviews. I think people should be critical if they’re being a reviewer, balance the negatives with the positives. So that’s what I aim to do with this blog.

I’m looking forward to starting my journey with you by my side.