Are you sure you want to buy that wallpaper pattern, miss? Think again…



All I can say is that I can totally relate with the unnamed narrator in Perkins Gilman’s short story The Yellow Wallpaper.

This is like the better, more dramatic, less demanding, super-quick version of Jane Eyre. Basically, to sum up this little treasure in a nutshell: don’t mess around with a lonely woman who is obsessed with a hideous yellow patterned wallpaper, that if you are in Ikea or Heal’s, just DO NOT PURCHASE, no matter how strong the impulse (even if that shit is on sale). This woman is fierce – her wallpaper doppelganger will hunt you down like the Victorian version of Mrs Justina Bourne.

And that ending though: classic, pure and utter CLASSIC. Controlling physician hubby gets the shock of his life. Who was the passive one all along? You decide.

The Yellow Wallpaper would make anyone think twice about papering their walls: paint all the way! Mwahaha!

(RATING: *****/*****)