So, I’ve written 7,885 words and before I could feel guilty about not doing any writing I quickly got my laptop and opened a fresh new pages document, fresh and clean like a blanket of snow. And scarred it with my writing. 500 words. Oh my god. Actually, it didn’t feel so bad today maybe because I didn’t give my self much time to think about the writing.

I put the inoffensive Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in the background and I don’t know if that helped because it didn’t have the lyrics, so not as much distraction although I can write with lyrics, I’m not a complete killjoy. 😉

Like this guy Ollie Cromwell; all round bad-ass killjoy.

Guess what I’m listening to as I type this post? “100 Christmas Hits” – great sounds to make you feel more optimistic and relaxed.

In those 500 words, I had a vague, a very, very, vague idea how the scene was going to play out than I just wrote without thinking, making associations along the way. Good fun.

I can do this! A little belief goes a LONG way. You can too if you BELIEVE in yourself. 😉

More tomorrow.


WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS SONG, GUYS? I actually like some of the old-school jazzy numbers, but some of the 80s ones were good too. The modern ones pretty shit (90s onwards, but depends on the singer). Speak to meh in the comments!?!