Hey look! Pretty fireworks to celebrate the BIG ONE-OH. I nicked this gif from the Fifty Shades Darker trailer…

I’ve hit double digits! Wow, reaching 10k words is always a milestone. πŸ™‚ Anyhow, today was an average day – I was in one of those procrastinator moods, where I found myself not really bothered about writing. You know, because I hit 1k words yesterday, I thought it would be ok if I took a break. It would make sense for me to forget about writing today, but that’s NOT the best course of action, guys!

Just write until your finger bleed; keep with the momentum even if you feel like shit. I’m happy I wrote 611 words today – because reaching 10k is fantastic. As you can, sometimes you’ll have shit days, where the burn-out effects you. You know the feeling I’m talking about; where you can’t muster ANY enthusiasm for your work. It’s like you begin to feel disinterested in your work, because you wish there’d be a quick fix. Like maybe instead of sleep-talking or sleep-walking, maybe you can sleep-write instead.

WE ALL HAVE DAYS LIKE THIS. Don’t beat yourself up about it! It will pass, just get through it by WRITING. YOU CAN DO IT! And after you do it, you’ll feel (slightly) better, if a little PISS ALL!

I suggest you turn that frustration and anger into a creative outlet – make your characters feel the same emotions perhaps or write a scene with a similar tone. KEEP PUMPING OUT THOSE WORDS.

Oh, before I forget, I watched the 50 shades darker trailer yesterday night and it looked so trashy ala 80s/90s psychological-thrillers. But I’d still watch it since I read the books… it was a waste of time and gave me no enjoyment, but I wanted to see why it’s popular. It’s a simple story where nothing happens; there is no build-up, no suspense, all the cardinal sins of writing are used. E.L. James gives other writers hope that their stories don’t suck. πŸ™‚

More tomorrow.


Yo, stay tuned for my suffering party! πŸ˜‰


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