My phone battery is literally going to go dead – I’m at 8% and I’m scared lol.

So, what happened was this: Me and a friend walked around the side streets of Covent Garden and Seven Dials and eventually we came to The Strand. FUCK. My legs were killing me after that. Thing is, we planned to eat at some Indian restaurant but you would not believe the crazy-ass queues. They said it would take aprox. 1 hour and 30 minutes for us to be seated, so we were all fuck it! Hence us wondering around like starved zombies.

Anyway, there was this shifty looking Indian joint we stopped to look at the menu and the Asian waiter dude came outside and hovered at the door, low-key watching us. But nah, sucka! Better luck next time… 😉

We ended up at an Italian place if you’re interested.


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