I managed to do some extra yesterday night. I’m not planning out my work like I usually would. I mean I know the ending (just about, I may change it) but I have no idea about the murky middle, so yeah. Whatever I feel like writing about, I’ll write about. I remember when I used to do outlines for my pieces but the first-draft never resembled the initial plan, so it was funny looking back at all the changes. And that’s why I’m not planning this time round because it leads to excessive thinking and personally it stifles my creativity as I feel I have to follow it rather than let the story develop organically.  

Some other people love their plans and outlines and good for them – it provides structure and a good way to organise your plot. So if it works for you, cool. 

I got bored of writing up plans and outlines because I genuinely DO NOT KNOW what the he’ll I’m going to write about and that’s fine. Anything that makes writing fun, I’m all for.

The whole purpose of a good plot is to raise the stakes in each scene by providing conflict or tension since that is how you get your juicy, scandalous drama. If you read about a character called Todd who is a Straight-A student who passes his exams no problem, and graduates happily ever after. The end. You have a boring story. Provide some inner and external obstacles that get in the way of Todd’s happiness perhaps. Jazz it up a bit. Maybe Todd is a drug dealer and his dad is unsupportive of his dream to go to university. Here you have external conflict. Internal conflict could be Todd’s fear of failure or his belief that he faces prejudice in his society, so why bother. You get the idea. Another form of conflict could be a natural disaster like maybe when Todd is doing his exam, a tornado rips through the city and destroys his school building and he survives. All good stories have CONFLICT.

More tomorrow.

If you have any questions, please, please, don’t be shy. Ask me in the comments and I’ll be happy to respond! 🙂