Whoever wrote this seriously underestimated my endurance level 😛


So, I’ve managed to write 1k today. It’s been tough, but I did it. 🙂 I feel kind of empty, to be honest. I understand what the writer Flannery O’Conner meant when she said that two hours was enough, before she started to get tired. I don’t think that spending more than 4 hours on something is great… you feel worn out.

Sub-plots are a must in any story. If you want to lengthen a story into a novel be sure to include at least two. In mine, I’m including about 4 or 5. I’m writing from different perspectives too, male and female. I think I’m getting bored from writing from a male pov, I think I should switch it up to female in my next writing session. So that’s what I’ll do.

I think a good way to get inspiration is by reading. I feel like I’m getting bogged down but yeah, just write and your story will rise out of the ashes of your discontent.

Maybe I should go and watch a movie; I think that would be a super idea. I don’t know what to watch though. Oh well. Something comedy related or horror-related. I don’t even know. This is what happens when you feel bored with writing.

I probably shouldn’t have thought too much about the scene. Back to the limited time frames for me. The more time you spend over something, the less enthused you get.

More tomorrow.



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