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She looks a bit like Liz Hurley… 😀


Wow – I wrote these words a few days ago. I haven’t done any writing since the last time I kept you updated hence the lack of posts.

I’m kinda tired. Had to wait for about 1hr and 30 mins in the line for some Indian restaurant, so the grub better be good. (UPDATE: it was very nice. The portions were small, but because I wasn’t feeling too good, it was a good balance. Not too heavy and spicy. Thankfully, I won’t feel bloated later on.)

Um, what else did I do today? I watched Bridget Jones’ Baby in the cinema and it was typical meh. Basically, a repeat of the first two movies with some pop culture references. I’m thankful it wasn’t as worse as the second movie. Still, it is a bit was they’re churning the same dated material out, but it’s got a big (now mature) female fanbase, so not much of a surprise. I actually read Fielding’s novel and it wasn’t outstanding. Funny in parts, but Bridget was an annoying character and the whole storyline between the stupid Tory mother and her slimy South American toyboy was dumb. As you can see, chick-lit is obviously not my genre…

Come to think of it I dislike reading romances. When I was a teenager, I used to lap this stuff up – I’m talking about YA romance here. I did try flicking through a few Mills and Boons and Harlequins. There were a lot of that shit in a section of the library mixed with the General Fiction shelves and I always felt kind of embarrassed to stop there and actually look at it in any detail. Luckily, there was a chair beside the shelf so I could look at it at my leisure. Not to sound rude, but I’m just going to say it, they always seemed the type of books for middle-aged housewives with their baby-pink or baby-blue covers – the cheesy photo of a dude with ripped oily muscles and a Lifetime TV movie Z-list woman with washed-out blonde hair. I flicked through a couple and it was t-a-m-e. Yeah, I understand it’s escapism, but the quality of the writing was abysmal and they all sounded the same…

Although I do remember one book set in Australia about this woman who’s got a five year old kid – I don’t know, he could have actually been older – and she’s a single mother. No one knows the paternity of this kid. Her childhood sweetheart or old boyfriend comes to town and inevitably sparks fly between them. He bonds with the kid, and eventually finds out the kid is his! Omg. Don’t ask me why I remembered this particular Mills and Boon romance, but something about it must have stood out because my long-term memory is incredibly selective. Does anyone know the title and author of this book, because is it wrong of me to actually want to check it out again?

Don’t answer that.

If I don’t enjoy romance, what do I like then? Well, relationship dramas are wonderful to me – if you can give me a great character study I will love the content. It’s a shame that it’s hard to find good fiction/movies. But more on that another day – I could go on and on, and it’s about 12:30 at night and I shouldn’t be writing a super-long blog post telling you about my tastes, because I feel very tired.

I’ll probably write about the Michael Haneke movies I watched later; this director is a major douchebag. The pseudo-intellectual type. It was the same with the lame Polanski movie I watched recently. Abysmal.

More tomorrow.


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