Swallows. I’ve almost reached the 2ok mark. My milestone. And I don’t feel so enthused – I blame the breaks haha. 964 words written so far today. Not too pleased. That’s damn pathetic. Why do I have to be such a muppet?!

WRITE MORE, BITCH. AND WHAT’S WITH ALL THIS NEGATIVE ENERGY!!!!! At least, get to 20k by today – that’s manageable. It’s not like you’ve been sent out to war.

I can do this! Fuck this.

It does get easier for me past the 10k mark – if I pass this number, I usually finish the book. I know some people have their tricky spots like those who say they struggle around the middle section (25k-40k). But it’s a good sign if I pass the 10k mark.

Still, the amount of words I’ve written this month has been very impressive. I’ve had my tough days where writing has been like torture, easy days where the words were flowing and my enthusiasm soaring, meh days where I’ve written a reasonable 1k words.

But as long as I’m writing, things are good. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

More later. I’ll probably write another post tonight to see how many words I’ve managed to churn out in total.



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