I actually want to stop writing from my male pov. Not because it isn’t fun. I’ve actually got a new idea that I’d like to include within his narrative. But I need to finish off his shit first, before i move onto hers.

But here’s the problem. If I start on hers, his will always be in the back of my mind. Also, I actually wish I had a better typing speed. My average is about 5o words per minute, which is pretty horrible. I’m trying to use two-finger typing. Is there any benefit of using 1o finger typing. Probably but it makes the typing slower for me because I have to learn that shit. So no.

You know that piece of advice that you often hear about writing for an audience or reader who reads your genre. Well, ignore that. The first step to perfection is writing for yourself. Learn to satisfy yourself. Try to find your inner voice amidst all the the other inner voices of writers out there. You’re special little snowflakes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I haven’t done as much writing as I have this month and I’ve noticed that nowadays I make fewer typos when I write comments on people’s blogs than I used to. I’m so used to the rhythm of my fingers against the keyboard. It’s almost become an extension of myself.

More tomorrow.



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