Okay, so I had so much shit floating around in my brain that I realised it would be highly unfeasible for me to hold all this information in my head without my brain exploding – splat, kersplat – onto the walls and dripping down in a pink watery line onto the carpet. Extreme times call for extreme imagery, sorry not sorry, folks.

So, basically, I realised that my original way of planning – as in purposely not planning – would not work because of the epic nature of my novel. What I’d originally planned to be a relatively average sized novel in the 65k range looks like it’s going to turn into a big momma. All these rough scenes flying about in my mental airspace are just not going to cut it with something potentially this big in scope.

Why does this always happen to me? *shakes head*

Such is the nature of my rapidly expanding story universe, I had to open up my note app and type some keywords/events and word counts and fuck me, my guy will not let me go. Oh my god. He’s got a massive ego and he’s saying “devote more word count to me or else…”

So yeah. That’s what I plan to do. Looks like my other pov will have to wait her turn, because my guy can be quite a brute when it comes to getting his way.  😉



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-What’s the longest length story you have written? 🙂

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