anger wells up inside me like a deep dark cloud

it knows no bounds. sometimes i want to smash something

like rocky, smash my way through a wall until the ceiling cracks like someone’s heart

i know the feeling’s useless, but it makes me feel something at least.

anger is broiling up like a hot pan of water, boiling with loathing and distrust.

paranoia is my only comfort; it makes me feel strong.

then eventually it goes until all i’m left with is a shell.

I can’t form words, they hang uselessly in the air and i want to scream and scream

it’s pointless, isolation – icy and cold and cool like an ice cube, black ice; no light is permitted to enter

i want to break it with an ice pick.

smash it to shards.

just me alone and waiting for a release.

eventually i get tired and calm


until i’m at sea, peaceful.



So, this is a little poem I wrote in 2 minutes. I hope you enjoy!  🙂

What do you do when you’re angry to calm down?

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