door, open like your gaping mouth. I crawl inside, the light is there

terror-stricken, warning me to stay away

i’m so tempted i want to visit and risk my life

to find the secret,

the key to your heart.

you have it always even though

you profess to love me

what can i say?

i beg you to open the door, slam bang

take an axe to the door, strike, an ax the size of a log,

maniacal grin

let me in my darling, my lovely, my own

pop my head round the door and say

“Honeyyy, I’m home

you cry and scream and refuse to let me in

i’ll continue to bang on the door

burn the house down, until we can rest together

underneath the graveyard of my loathsome heart.


Another poem I wrote in 2 minutes.  🙂

I was looking at a door haha. Please leave a comment and follow me! Thanks!