Hi chums,

Today was a totally fucked up day. Not in the sense it was negative, but I had to go to the Apple store to get an iPad mini. So, this mostly consisted of my waiting around, choosing the cover, and setting up the device. BOO. But at least, I’ve got my gadget so, I can see the bright side. This means I won’t have to lug around a heavy laptop, which I never did anyway. LOL, I’m so puny haha.

Anyways, I managed to write 1k words this morning. The scene I wrote was the most lamest scene… it was truly an odd scene, but it was fun. Mostly because it had one of my secondary characters – they’re a delight to write about. Said character has given the story a bit of oomph. I want to know more about them… 🙂 I consider that a good sign.

Anyways, going back to the Apple store – their was this middle aged dude, he may have been Australian, I don’t know, he probably wasn’t, he didn’t look auzzie lool, they usually have that sunburnt look like bacon, it was incredibly noisy in the branch I went to. They were celebrating some launch. Anyway Non-Auzzie guy was playing around with the stylus on his iPad and I was waiting for the Apple guy to sort my iPad out and get my cover. And I was wondering how the hell does he get the stylus to work, because I couldn’t do it myself, so I was just poking the screen. I never did find out, so I had to resort to finger painting. This Apple chick came along to our table and the Non-Auzzie guy was asking her some questions about his device that she didn’t know about and I only heard his end of the convo, because as I said it was NOISY. Anyway, Non-Auzzie guy was pissed off. He was saying that he paid this much for the device, yet they weren’t willing to help him by explaining its features. She had no idea about it and said that because of their launch everyone was busy. Non-Auzzie was fuming. He was like “I can see you find this funny. Do you expect me to go on google? Terrible service.”

The guy is 100% right. He actually made the Apple store experience less boring.



Your experiences with customer service? Good or bad?? Please share. 🙂