Thank you each and everyone of you for following my blog! You’re all rock stars. β€πŸ‘πŸ˜„πŸŒž

This blog has come a long way since I first launched it in late August. I remember wanting to start a blog late that evening and researching the best free blogging sites. It made sense to choose a WordPress domain instead of a dodgy alternative (they’re still sending me the occasional emails in the vein of “Farrah! You never completed your registration blah blah. We is free now!!” Honestly? Yeah right).

It was more easier just setting up a WordPress account. It took me three hours hunched over a computer screen, figuring out the basic features of the site like the proud technophobe I am.

I’ve met a lot of interesting bloggers too. I’m pleased that a few of you take the time to like my posts. It means a lot. 

Even my socially awkward instructor/lecturer asked for a link to my blog… Fuck no. I made some rubbish about me intending to improve the site layout. He has a serial killer personality, so if he read my blog posts, the sneaky dweeb would be on my back. Have you seen my blog posts? They’re raw shit – for me.

Big thank you for following me (and if you aren’t following me, follow me for more posts about my intriguing life!) πŸ˜†