Although I’m afraid that once I go outside I’ll get ill again because it’s germ infested. My phlegm is almost gone and I’m drinking plenty of fluids 😥  and plenty of rest 😴😴

Last week I was on the tube in the morning travelling to my seminar and there was this fat woman who entered the carriage with her even fatter, over-sized bag. The bag was inches away from my face and it wasn’t as if it was a crowded carriage. She was chatting with her (thinner) guy friend/boyfriend. So I took the opportunity to cough several times in her face because why not. Better in than out. I read the best way to get over the flu is to just cough at others rather than coughing in a handkerchief…

I’m not heartless, just heavily practical. I’d say that woman deserved it, don’t you? 😉😈😆

Follow me and you will never regret it. Promise. I’m quite angelic when I want to be… 😇