I’m just going to dash this off quickly as I have to go to the hospital first thing tomorrow for my hand therapy appointment. Ugh.

Today was a decent day. It’s still hot. Same old same old. I don’t like these 30 degree temps, to be honest. I’m just longing for some rain to wash away the blues. I was going to take a walk earlier but I decided against it. I just caught up on some sleep and I actually I felt much better and refreshed. Naps can be so rejuvenating, especially when your on your period, I find. I felt like I’d woke up a new person.

I said I was going to talk about more about Presley yesterday, but I can’t be bothered.

Instead I got a response back from one of my lecturers about the reference. I’m surprised she’s agreeing to help me and that she responded so quickly. Nice of her. She’s asked me whether I’d be fine with her asking my dissertation supervisor and personal tutor to provide more details about me in said reference. My dissertation supervisor is pretty useless – what a bitch! I just said that I wasn’t confident that she fully knew me because I had never taken any of modules throughout the years and I didn’t think she understood the extent of my condition/injury. To be honest, she was fucking oblivious and clueless compared to some of my other tutors. How on earth did she get promoted to course leader or whatever they call it? Oh yea, because there was a national strike, so her predecessor, some guy, let’s call him Yank (he’s American), could deal with the fall out. So my dissertation supervisor – let’s call her Cludo (short for Clueless) – got promoted. I don’t think she’ll last – there are a LOT of egos on that course… She just looks out of her depth. As for my personal tutor – let’s call him Dozy (his lectures were sleep-inducing) – well he doesn’t really care about providing pastoral care. He’s just more caught up in his own research or whatever. That’s fine. I have no bones with him – he actually provided useful essay feedback, surprisingly. I’ll just see what my referee says in response to my email, I guess.

I literally have learned to expect nothing from people. At the end of the day, I suppose I’m trying to say I believe in fate. You can’t really dwell on the past, because maybe things happen for a reason.

Well, I’m going to sleep now. I’m really tired. I’m actually happy that I had a nap today – bliss!