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University Graduation Survival Guide: Day 1

So, I had to restart my journalling because I broke my habit of attempting to journal every day. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu- I forgive myself. I aim to get further than four days next time. I went to a book club meet up... Continue Reading →

University Graduation Survival Guide: Day 4

I'm just going to dash this off quickly as I have to go to the hospital first thing tomorrow for my hand therapy appointment. Ugh. Today was a decent day. It's still hot. Same old same old. I don't like... Continue Reading →

University Graduation Survival Guide: Day 3

So, I'm not really feeling the heat today - in the sense, I actually hate the summer. I don't know why it has to be this hot in London. I planned to go out today but it seems kind of... Continue Reading →

University Graduation Survival Guide: Day 2

Well, I thought I'd write early in the day because I know that if I leave it later in the day I probably won't continue writing this. I haven't had the best record with keeping up 'good' habits and I... Continue Reading →

University Graduation Survival Guide: A New Chapter in My Life

So, I don't feel like I've been writing for a while now, but I've decided to come back to journaling/blogging. After much work and shitloads of essays/coursework and a barrage of health problems, I have finally graduated from university (this... Continue Reading →


So, I just noticed that I've hit 60 followers on my blog. BIG thank you to all of you who are following me. 🙂 That's great stuff. This blog initially started as a book review blog (you may have read... Continue Reading →

Wrote a 125k word novel in 55 days!!! 

Omg. I am so proud of myself. I began writing my novel on the 28 December 2016 without any plan/outline. And I finally completed my first draft 23rd February 2017. It's been a wonderful experience for me as well as... Continue Reading →

The Strange Case of the Slavedriver Lecturer

So, I have this horrible lecturer for two of my modules and he's relentless when it comes to dishing out the workload. Luckily, I have this jerk for one more week.  It's been a difficult road for me this semester... ... Continue Reading →

Low-key panicking…

​5 hours reading and skimming through papers/articles. My brain is suprisingly awake - probably because I'm writing this message. There were times when I was close to calling asleep looking at critical race theory... My philosophy essay is due tomorrow... Continue Reading →

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