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University Graduation Survival Guide: Day 1

So, I had to restart my journalling because I broke my habit of attempting to journal every day. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu- I forgive myself. I aim to get further than four days next time. I went to a book club meet up... Continue Reading →

The Strange Case of the Slavedriver Lecturer

So, I have this horrible lecturer for two of my modules and he's relentless when it comes to dishing out the workload. Luckily, I have this jerk for one more week.  It's been a difficult road for me this semester... ... Continue Reading →

My cough is getting better…

Although I'm afraid that once I go outside I'll get ill again because it's germ infested. My phlegm is almost gone and I'm drinking plenty of fluids 😥  and plenty of rest 😴😴 Last week I was on the tube... Continue Reading →

My day (20.10.16) – Music on the Underground.

So today was a mostly uneventful day for me - I really don't know why I'm even bothering to tell you this. Oh right - because I love to talk about myself. A healthy does of egotism is always a... Continue Reading →

35,613 words into my novel.

I'm back. I didn't want to write today, but you know what I felt better for having written something. I've been resting in bed today and it's been pretty dull if I'm being honest. I have killer flu. Damn this... Continue Reading →


So bloody noisy! Who the fuck decides to do building work first thing on a Saturday. The amount of noise in this city is outstanding. As soon as you step out anywhere you get assaulted by noise. It's annoying have... Continue Reading →

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

  Boring from start to finish. Every character in this novel, male or female, was worthy of a punch. The females were a horrid bunch. Admittedly, the guys were off-their-head but if I had to deal with any of those... Continue Reading →

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