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So, I just noticed that I've hit 60 followers on my blog. BIG thank you to all of you who are following me. 🙂 That's great stuff. This blog initially started as a book review blog (you may have read... Continue Reading →

MILESTONE: 40,135 words into my novel.

Yay, so I've reached 40k words. That's amazing 40k in 39 days so far (and some of those days I didn't write on, so I've probably been writing for close to 25 proper days regularly). Looks like my book's shaping... Continue Reading →

MILESTONE!!! 30,214 words into my novel.

Shits about to hit the fan. Oh my goddddddddd. Literally, I feel like jumping up and down. I'm about to write some nice juicy scene that I've been working up to. ARGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHHGGH. I am so excited, as you can probably... Continue Reading →

MILESTONE!!! 20,200 words into my novel.

  OH MY GOD!!! I'm metaphorically jumping up and down on my bed! I have reached the oh-so-sacred number of 20k words *adopts Gavin and Stacey accent* "That's fucking faboolous." *Reverts back to Moses music* There can be miracles! If... Continue Reading →

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