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15,167 words into my novel

YAS!!! I feel like my enthusiasm as returned in full force. I've been word vomiting tonight and it feels awesome. 3,111 words today. I'm going to increase my word count to 5k words each day so I can finish it... Continue Reading →

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So, I just noticed that I've hit 60 followers on my blog. BIG thank you to all of you who are following me. 🙂 That's great stuff. This blog initially started as a book review blog (you may have read... Continue Reading →

Wrote a 125k word novel in 55 days!!! 

Omg. I am so proud of myself. I began writing my novel on the 28 December 2016 without any plan/outline. And I finally completed my first draft 23rd February 2017. It's been a wonderful experience for me as well as... Continue Reading →

Hey! Got a new phone! 

Hey guys,  Sorry I haven't been posting regularly on my blog. Been busy lately with life and my writing, hence the lack of updates.   But I haven't forgotten youuu all. Hopefully, I'll be more active on WordPress... and try... Continue Reading →

The Strange Case of the Slavedriver Lecturer

So, I have this horrible lecturer for two of my modules and he's relentless when it comes to dishing out the workload. Luckily, I have this jerk for one more week.  It's been a difficult road for me this semester... ... Continue Reading →

Low-key panicking…

​5 hours reading and skimming through papers/articles. My brain is suprisingly awake - probably because I'm writing this message. There were times when I was close to calling asleep looking at critical race theory... My philosophy essay is due tomorrow... Continue Reading →

My cough is getting better…

Although I'm afraid that once I go outside I'll get ill again because it's germ infested. My phlegm is almost gone and I'm drinking plenty of fluids 😥  and plenty of rest 😴😴 Last week I was on the tube... Continue Reading →

50 followers! Thank you!

Thank you each and everyone of you for following my blog! You're all rock stars. ❤👍😄🌞 This blog has come a long way since I first launched it in late August. I remember wanting to start a blog late that... Continue Reading →

My day (20.10.16) – Music on the Underground.

So today was a mostly uneventful day for me - I really don't know why I'm even bothering to tell you this. Oh right - because I love to talk about myself. A healthy does of egotism is always a... Continue Reading →

41,285 words into my novel.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I've learned something today. Basically, I was in one of my procrastinator moods for 5 days... I didn't write anything. But I've learned to keep chugging away. It's about gaining motivation. Many a failed project is a result of... Continue Reading →

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