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Sep 2016

33,588 words into my novel.

Hi chums, Today was a totally fucked up day. Not in the sense it was negative, but I had to go to the Apple store to get an iPad mini. So, this mostly consisted of my waiting around, choosing the... Continue Reading →

32,570 words into my novel.

Well, I can write anymore today. I wrote about 2100 words and I think it's time I took a break. I can't write anything more. I feel like a zoo animal being poked with a stick and I'm like go... Continue Reading →

My characters keep on talking to me…

Shut up, bitches. I don't know why they're so insistent. It's almost like this story is writing itself. Anyway, I'm just warming up to write some more scenes and I don't feel like writing, but that's not the best way... Continue Reading →

Let Me In

door, open like your gaping mouth. I crawl inside, the light is there terror-stricken, warning me to stay away i'm so tempted i want to visit and risk my life to find the secret, the key to your heart. you... Continue Reading →


  anger wells up inside me like a deep dark cloud it knows no bounds. sometimes i want to smash something like rocky, smash my way through a wall until the ceiling cracks like someone's heart i know the feeling's... Continue Reading →

MILESTONE!!! 30,214 words into my novel.

Shits about to hit the fan. Oh my goddddddddd. Literally, I feel like jumping up and down. I'm about to write some nice juicy scene that I've been working up to. ARGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHHGGH. I am so excited, as you can probably... Continue Reading →

Still 28k into my novel.

Okay, so I had so much shit floating around in my brain that I realised it would be highly unfeasible for me to hold all this information in my head without my brain exploding - splat, kersplat - onto the... Continue Reading →

28,148 words into my novel.

🙂 Exhausted. The guy pov is going to be longer than I expected. So many avenues where I could take this. My imagination is literally on steroids now. Haha, even I'm afraid of it. Well, at least I have a... Continue Reading →

25,663 words into my novel.

I actually want to stop writing from my male pov. Not because it isn't fun. I've actually got a new idea that I'd like to include within his narrative. But I need to finish off his shit first, before i... Continue Reading →

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